Evans, Alexander J

Assistant Professor


Alex is interested in understanding the evolutionary, tectonic, geodynamic, and geophysical processes of solid planets. His work includes analyses of altimetry, gravity, geomorphology, and tectonics to determine the structure, surface, and internal evolution of solid planets. Alex is also interested in understanding the evolution of early life on Earth. Thus far, his research has focused on the investigation of the Earth, Moon, Mercury and Mars. Additionally, he has also been involved in the design, development, and implementation of planetary exploration missions.

Year 1


Jones, Matthew J

Graduate Student

matthew_jones [a]

Matt’s research focuses on the formation and evolution of planetary bodies, especially terrestrial planets. He is interested in using numerical modeling to understand the large-scale geodynamic, thermochemical, and crustal evolution of planets so that we may better understand the history of bodies in our own solar system as well as what we can expect to see in other systems. Currently, Matt is investigating the distribution of lunar crustal terranes that we observe today, supplementing finite element modeling with the perspective provided by lunar gravity, topography, and composition data.

Year 1


Wilner, Joel A

Graduate Student

joel_wilner [a]

Joel studies the evolution of planetary topography from local to global scales. This work encapsulates surface-interior geodynamic couplings, planetary geomorphology, physical volcanology, and planetary geochronology. Topics of specific interest include the landscapes of icy moons and other potentially habitable environments. Anticipated investigatory modes include analysis of spacecraft-derived gravity and altimetry data, finite element modeling, and terrestrial analog field work. Joel is also interested in quantifying polar processes related to terrestrial climate change, including periglacial geomorphology and glacier hydrology.

Year 1


Zuckerman, Anna

Undergraduate Student Researcher

anna_zuckerman [a]