GHOSST Lab at Brown University

Geophysics of Stellar System Targets (GHOSST) Computational Laboratory in the Brown University Department of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences. Our focus is planetary geophysics and planetary science. Recent innovations in space technology have yielded considerable enhancements in the quality and quantity of data returned by planetary science missions.We capitalize on the unprecedented breadth of planetary data now available, by conducting research that integrates across traditional disciplinary boundaries of geophysics, magnetism, petrology, geomechanics, atmospheric/climate science, geodesy, geology, geochemistry, and biology.

Within the GHOSST Lab, we couple computational modeling and analyses with observational data to elucidate the complex histories of planetary interiors, surfaces, and atmospheres. Our research is primarily concentrated in three distinct, yet interrelated focus areas:

  • Evolution of planetary interiors
  • Mechanisms and processes operating on planetary surfaces
  • Planetary environments capable of sustaining life.